Paul Bunyan's Treasure  LbNA # 53091

OwnerThe Wolfpack    
Placed DateApr 18 2009
LocationHackensack, MN
Found By PunkSoulBrother
Last Found Mar 28 2016
Hike Distance?

The Paul Bunyan Trail is the longest MN Bike trail in Minnesota at 110-miles, and it connects the Heartland Trail, the Blue Ox Trail and the Cuyuna State Trail. The trail pathway follows the original railroad line built in 1893 by Burlington Northern and abandoned in 1983.

Start at the City Park in Hackensack. Follow the Paul Bunyan trail south out of town. Cross county road 40 (this could also be your starting point if you turn onto it from HWY 371.) You'll know it's county road 40 if you pass the large Mann Lake LTD buildings that will be on your left side. You'll see ahead of you a long stretch of straight trail through the woods. After the first curve in the trail, you'll see an opening where a field first becomes visible. You'll see a fence post and the field on the West side of the trail. In between the trail and the fence, there are two rocks, one small one in front and one large one behind it. "Paul Bunyan's Treasure" letterbox is tucked up against the back of the large rock.

This is an easy trek if your on bikes (probably less than a mile), but could be a little long for young walkers. Late in the season (around August) is a great time to do some raspberry picking along the way and even a little later (Septmeber-ish) is great for blackberry picking! But beware the POISON IVY off the trail. It seems to grow in the same places as the berries.