Bunny! Gone Wild  LbNA # 53097

Placed DateApr 18 2010
LocationGlen Allen, VA
Found By A.RoseBud and Sunshin3
Last Found Oct 15 2010
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Bunny! Gone Wild

This is a tale of mystery and intrigue.  Can you help the Garden Detectives solve the crime???

Got a phone call. It seems that Farmer Phil has a problem.  Somebody is stealing vegetables from his gardens and he is pretty sure he knows who…BUNNY!  Mrs. Farmer Phil is very upset that they have not had much money coming in from Phil’s visits to the market.  Phil has decided to call the Garden Detectives.  If you can’t solve this crime, nobody can.

The Farmer’s House
Begin at the pedestrian access path heading into the park.  Walk until you cross over a creek bed (sometimes dry). Approximately 15 ft past the creek look for a sandy clearing to your right.  Walk into the clearing and look to the left.  You should see a stack of cut logs.  The first box is in those logs.

“Just the facts, sir.”

“I’m positive it was that bad rabbit named Bunny!, but you can try asking the chicks in the barn.  I bet they saw something.”

Talk to the Chicks
Return to the path and head WSW up the path.  As you come out of the woods, look to your right in the field for a slightly overgrown bench at the woods edge.  Head to the bench and go 10 steps passed it along the tree line.  Look to your right for a large rock which is actually a hunk of concrete about 10 steps into the woods.  The BBF Box is on the back side in a hole under the rock.

“We saw him!”,bawked the chicks nervously, eyes shifting.  “He hangs out with that Randy Raccoon.  You can probably find him hanging out there.”

“Why so nervous, ladies?  You don’t have anything to fear from a veggie thief.  Is there something else you’d like to tell us?”

“NO!  NO!  Just go get that Bunny! And put him in jail!  Talk to the Raccoon.”

BBF: Bunny!’s Best Friend
Continue back out on the path towards the road.  Cross the road and head to the right towards the playground parking lot.  Go to the SW corner of the lot.  With the playground and bathrooms on your right, head towards the path entrance to the woods.  (Might be a good time
to take a quick potty break…)  You’ll know you’re on the right path if you see a Scarlet Oak to your right.  The paths through these woods are marked with signs naming the various trees throughout.   Head up the path until you see a Willow Oak on your left and brown, white, and green shed in a yard on your right.  Head off the path towards the shed and look for a concrete rock 15 steps in.  The box is underneath the backside of the rock.

“So, Raccoon, have you seen Bunny! recently?”

“No.  I haven’t seen Bunny! in at least a week.  His veggie stealing days are over.  I know he has a checkered past, but he's gone straight.  Strictly wild grown, free range carrots and radishes for him now.  You know, I’d talk to the Wolf if I were you.  I bet he knows something."

Mysterious Find
Return to the path and continue heading east. You’ll pass three trees; a Sweet Gum (notice the various offerings to the tree gods), a Dog Wood, and a White Oak.  Keep walking down the path and you will notice a creek bed on your left.  Hopefully it is running, which means we are
getting plenty of rain for the Farmer’s garden.  Pass the Pig Nut Hickory, the Northern Red and Oak and look for the Tulip Poplar.  At the Tulip Poplar, face to the left with the Poplar to your back.  Go to the biggest tree you see.  You’ll find the box in the nook at the base of the tree
under a ‘Y’ shaped log.

You find one mysterious garden glove laying near the path to the Wolf’s den. 

“Hmm, I wonder who dropped this and what were they doing out here?  Let’s keep heading to talk to that Wolf.”

Back on the path heading in the same direction.

(Brief intermission from the story…Found It!!)

Go 45 steps passed a Black Gum tree and look on your
right for some fallen trees, specifically one across a small ditch.  There is an Ammo Box in the brambles on the backside of the fallen tree. 

While looking for a spot for the next box, our daughter
stumbled across a Geo Caching Box.  Geo Caching is much like Letter Boxing except you use GPS coordinates and a GPS device to find “hidden treasures”.   There is treasure inside, but you have to leave something if you take something.  Please be sure to re-hide this box and sign the logbook to let them know you were there.


(Back to the story…)




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The Wolf’s Den


Back on the path again.  About 40 feet from the Geo
Cache stay right and on the main path at the ‘Y’ in the path.  (If you
enjoy all outdoor sports, there is a nice Frisbee golf course on your
left)  Continue over a large bridge with railings and look for an asphalt
path on your left.  Just passed the asphalt path, look to your left for a
large fallen log bridging the creek bed.  The box is in the hollowed out
base of the log. 


“Yeah.  Bunny! did it
alright.  I saw him just yesterday walking home with a big basket of
veggies.  Go get him.  He deserves everything he gets.”


You notice a large salad bowl on the
table in the kitchen and place settings for two.  Looks as though Wolf
just had lunch, with a guest.


“Here’s the directions to class=spelle>Bunny!’s house.  I bet you’ll find something
there.  You’ll get the proof you need.”


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Incriminating Evidence


Walk up the asphalt path until you exit the woods near the
left field corner of the baseball field.  Turn left and head up the road
on the sidewalk.  Make your first right and head back towards the bus loop
with the Middle School on your left.   You’ll soon see the football
field.  Head down to the far end of the field, the northern end
zone.  At the north end zone, turn and head due east into the woods. 

A few steps and you will notice a tree stump split in the middle.  The box
is in the stump.


You do find evidence at class=spelle>Bunny!’s house, just as Wolf said you would.  Some
half eaten carrots and a pile of radishes.  You also notice something
else.  A pair of footprints that are most definitely not from a
bunny.  Time to gather everyone up at Farmer Phil’s house.


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The End


Head back out of the woods and turn right around the track
and towards the school.  Take the first path to the right towards the
basketball courts on the north end of the school.    Just passed
the courts take the first right on the asphalt path and head down the
hill.  Follow the path into the woods, over the creek bed and take the
first left as you exit the woods again.  You notice a pale yellow house on
your right side.  Just passed the yellow house look to your left into the
woods for the roots of a very large fallen tree.  Make your way to the
tree.  Turn around with your back at the tree facing the house again and
look down.  The last box is in a hole in the ground at your feet.


“Gather around everyone.  We
have solved the case.”


“What’s to solve?”,  yelled
Phil, “We all know it was Bunny!  The chicks and the wolf are witnesses!”


“Not so fast.  We found some
very interesting facts.  It struck us as odd that the chicks were so
nervous.  What did they have to fear?  Well, it seems that the thief
was holding the chick eggs hostage to get them to lie about what they
saw.  They would not fess up to the truth for fear that their babies would
be harmed.  As for the wolf, has anyone noticed he has been losing weight
lately?  Been on a vegetarian diet recently, Mr. Wolf?  Been having a
lunch visitor for daily big bowl salads?  We know you wouldn’t dare go
near the Farmer’s house since Mrs. Farmer Phil got her new shotgun, so you must
have had help.  Farmer Phil!  Would you mind taking your shoes off
please?  Just as we thought, you have Bunny! grass stains on your
toes.  Missing this glove?  Try it on.  If it fits, in jail you
will sits!  Case solved.


It seems the wolf wanted to lose
weight and the farmer was tired of luggin all the
veggies all the way to the market. They had to blame someone and they both
hated that Bunny!  But in the end, Mrs. Farmer
Phil felt bad for what Bunny! had been accused of and gave him free carrots and
radishes and they lived happily ever after…except Phil and the Wolf who got 15
to 20 in the state pen.


Head up the path and you should be back where you
started.  Thank you for enjoying our first Letterboxing Adventure. 

We hope you had fun!  If you have any comments or notice and missing or
damaged boxes, please let us know at www.buffs92.com