The Seal Of Orukai  LbNA # 5313

Placed DateMay 23 2003
CountySan Miguel
LocationPecos, NM
Planted ByHarshvardhan    
Found By Harshvardhan
Last Found Jul 22 2008
Hike Distance?

This is a GREAT but tasking hike...make sure you have all the necessary provisions for a full day on your Quest!!!

Spirited Katharine & Wilson meet at the Skyline corner. Katharine & Wilson part ways as Katharine goes to see the Skyline from the corner.

Not far from the corner...she spots a huge boulder on her right...walks a bit further to see another big boulder on her left. Right in front of the 2nd big boulder, she spots 2 smaller rocks…and from the one which is nearest to her…she looks towards the top of the mountain…into the trees…little to the left…and she sees another big boulder…around 50-60 paces away…

She goes to it and then turns left, and looks into the trees again…and starts walking and takes 50-55 steps in the direction the she got after turning left…to go towards the seat of The Seal of Orukai. The Seal of Orukai hangs on a rock face that is facing the top of the mountain.

Katherine found The Seal of the Orukai only after diverging from herself…can you find the Seal of the Orukai!!!!

Hint -- Get a good map and study the map & you will know what I am talking about...Happy Letter-Boxing