Gibbs Hill View of Bermuda  LbNA # 53131

Placed DateApr 18 2010
LocationSouthampton, BRM
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Bermuda is an amazing place and you cannot visit this bermudaful island and not visit the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. Atop the lighthouse will give you the most amazing VIEW of this beautiful group of small islands.

This letterbox is a bit different from other letterboxes as there are some very specific things you must do. You will need to spend a couple of dollars, but it is well worth it… You will be helping the Lighthouse Keeper and your purchase of a Lighthouse ticket will help keep the lighthouse open for another 150 + years.

First…make your way to Southampton, the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. If you can see it, you can get there. If not, just ask….

Once you arrive, take a walk around this beautiful property. You are almost on the highest point in Bermuda.

Here are the steps required for this Letterbox.

1. Pick out a Post Card from the Lighthouse Gift shop…

2. Purchase both a Post Card and a Ticket to climb the Lighthouse step.

3. Once you enter the Lighthouse, please remember to sign the Guest Book..

4. As you make your way, up the many steps…please stop at each level and read about the history of the Lighthouse

5. Once you reach Level 6 (which number 6 is on the wood door, on the center column that moves up the middle of the lighthouse) you can read about the “Lighthouse Keepers” on the sign on the Lighthouse wall. You will notice that there are 2 small conduits that run up the wall of the Lighthouse and head under the sign. MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS NO ONE ON THIS LEVEL WITH YOU and run your hand UP the wall, behind the sign. You will feel a Stamp which is stuck to the Lighthouse wall via a magnet..

6. Using your Ink Pad, stamp the Post card you purchased with the SpencerIsland stamp….and place the stamp, back on the wall…where you found it. REMEMBER…Make sure no one sees you.

7. Then….please YOUR stamp on the Postcard as well.

8. Make your way to the TOP of the Lighthouse and take in the Bermudaful view of the island.

Now that you have your Bermuda Postcard with 2 stamps…please make an effort to mail it to:

33 Hamptons Lane
Southampton SN02 Bermuda

Please visit if you have any questions and/or comments…

Have fun as this is our FIRST Letterbox we have hidden in Bermuda…