wall box  LbNA # 53142

Ownerjet jet    
Placed DateApr 21 2010
Locationportland, OR
Found By Trekkiemom
Last Found May 23 2010
Hike Distance?

on 20th and Hoyt a white stag and a dark star guard a building that is synonymous with "Bill Church Home". The White Stag looks over a play ground and that is where you should start your quest. Find a path by the playground that leads toward the Willamette and walk until you reach a fork near what some kids call "The Spider" Go right at this fork and walk until the path forks again. Go right here as well. Walk slowly now...until you find on your left, a triangle made of six and nine, Black and tan...and on your right an old lamp post, peeking over the hill. When you are directly between them both walk down hill until you have to jump.
Turn around and search the ground near the sidewalks border.
The wall is made of urbanite and the box hidden by loose mortar.