Portland's All Nighter  LbNA # 53157

OwnerThe Plundering Bunny    
Placed DateApr 22 2010
LocationSE Portland, OR
Found By spaceship passengers
Last Found Jun 30 2011
Hike Distance?

Portland is a city well known for its love of the delicious life-blood we call coffee. And perhaps something we in Portland love almost as much as our daily perk is the little local businesses that serve it to us. We're talking local bagel shops, brunch spots, and coffee houses. Every neighborhood has its brightest and best as well as its hole-in-the-wall, best-kept-secret coffee shops in this city.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is simple. Find for yourself the one and only (at the time of this posting) 24-hour Coffee Shop in Portland, Oregon. Just remember that, when hunting the urban jungle, it always pays to 'play fair' in 'sepdx'.


So, intrepid traveler, find this coffee shop and you will find your prize waiting patiently behind the counter. Only the barista can help you. And trust me, they're fabulously helpful!