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Placed DateApr 24 2010
LocationGlouster, OH
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Burr Oak State Park http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/parks/burroak/tabid/719/Default.aspx
Map of Burr Oak State Park: http://hikingohioparks.com/images/images2/burr-oak-state-park-location-trail-map.pdf

These boxes are located in the Dock 4 area. This dock is located on the opposite side of the lake from Burr Oak Lodge. If you are at the Lodge, go to the entrance and turn right on SR 78 towards Glouster. After you pass by the Church, and sign for Dock 1, the road makes a sharp left turn. If you go straight onto the little Twp. Rd. (Red Rock Rd.), you will travel a narrow dirt road that takes you thru a covered bridge, on over to SR 13. Turn right onto SR 13 and this takes you to the road that goes to the entrance to the Burr Oak picnic, camping, swimming, and Dock 4 area. (See map for details of Park)
As you enter the Dock area go to the far end of the dock parking lot to where 2 brown sign are located. One says Backpack Trail, and beneath it, Lakeview Trail. This is your starting point.

Difficulty: Fairly easy, mostly level with small rises. Can have very wet, muddy in spots. Also, some brushy, briary places.
Distance: 1.5 miles round trip.
Needs: Stamp, stamp pad, writing implement, rag, pokey stick and maybe bug/tick repellent in season.

The trail starts out by going up a small grade, and then follows along the side of the small cove here. Soon the trails bends left and goes downhill and across a little creek bed(that can be very wet and muddy at times) at the head of the cove then back uphill again. Once you get to the top you will see three marker posts. One an old rusty yellow painted fence post, one a yellow flat plastic boundary marker and one white PVC pipe with yellow tape. From here look on up ahead on the left and you will see a 5 that is 1. Go there then look right and you will see a rotting tree trunk. Go to the rotting remnants of the stump and on the backside, under rocks, you will find THE LUNKER. Be very careful here, and on all boxes, as they are close to the trail and this trail is heavily used by hikers and fishing folk. After stamping and re-hiding continue on out the trail. The trail will soon come out of the woods and goes right along the edge of the lake. There can be some very muddy spots thru this section. After 100 yards or so, the trail pulls away from the edge and goes back into the woods. Continue on and in a couple hundred yards the trail makes a sharp right turn and goes uphill. (Note: the trail turns right, but it almost looks like it goes straight, thru some cut up chunks of a tree trunk.) Go up this small rise and down again and across a footbridge. Keep going on(quite a while) till you have to step and a large rock that is buried in the trail(a smaller piece of this rock lies just to the left). From this rock take about 7 steps to a small section of root that lies buried across the trail and look to the right. You will see a large rotting tree that fell downhill. Near the “top” of this fallen tree is a large boulder. Carefully make your way thru the brush and briars to this boulder and on the backside, under rocks, you will find THE GREAT BLUE HERON in hiding. Now when you are finished stamping, go back to the rock in the trail and turn around and head back to your starting point. Start counting the yellow paint marks on the trees as you head back.(# 7 is two marks on one tree. # 8 and 9 are very close together. Go till you come to #13 then turn around and walk back 5 steps to the large tree on your left. Then look right and you will see a fallen, rotting tree trunk pointing at you. Go to the far end and inside the hollow of this tree under a rock you will find COME ON IN, THE WATER’S FINE! After stamping, you are done here and you can head right on back to your car and go in search of one more box.
As you leave Dock 4 look at the brown sign and turn in the direction for the CAMP STORE. Go to the stop sign and turn left and go up hill. At the top the road bends left and just ahead a little ways, on your right, is the CAMP STORE. Turn in the first entrance and you will see another brown sign, CAMPGROUND TRAIL. Park and walk over to the sign. From here you are more or less 200 steps away from the last box of this series. Head down the trail till you come to a very large rotting section of a tree trunk. It is on your right, off the trail. From here go about 100 steps. You will be close to entering a pine stand and on your right will see a white over red over white over faded yellow over green on a small pine tree. Now turn around and walk back up the trail a short ways to the rock that is sticking up out of the trail. From here look off to your left and you will see another larger rock covered with sticks, branches and leaves. Now, sneakily go around to the backside of this rock and down under the rock in a nice little hidey-hole you will find the last box of the series. Here you will need your pokey stick, to be sure that nothing else is hiding in the hidey-hole. Remember, you are out in the open and easily seen, so cautiously find, stamp and re-hide the box.
Hope you had a pleasant day out hiking and letterboxing. Please let me know of any problems you encountered, conditions of these boxes and any other comments you might have.