Woodland Critters  LbNA # 53234

Placed DateApr 27 2010
LocationEwing, NJ
Found By Arf!
Last Found Nov 18 2010
Hike Distance?

Start at Banchoff Park off Mountain View Rd in Ewing. Park in the parking lot and face the playground. Off to you right will be the paved path that leads to the back of the park past the pond. Take this path and bear right when it forks. Up a little ways you will see a dog walk area. Across from this is a trail that leads into the woods. Follow this path. As the path begins to bend left you will see a creek in front of you. If the weather is nice and you have boots (or don't mind getting wet) follow the creek to the left(SE). It's a nice walk and we've seen all sorts of neat creature like salamanders there. The creek will take you under a fallen log (we went over) and another path will be on your left so you can pick up the original trail again. If you'd rather stay dry, follow the trail and you will parallel the creek. Once you meet the creek trail's entrance the path will bend left(S/SW). Continue up the path which is now practically in someone's back yard. You will see a tree marked Taylor Y2K. If you face this tree (NW) and walk into the woods you will find another large tree with 1975 carved into it. Turn to you left(S/SW). You will see a tree that has 2 trunks and behind that a tree that has a bark skelton of another trunk attached to it. It is approximatly 14 paces from the large tree (6 paces from the double trunk tree). You will find the mini letterbox in the root system. Remove it from the side rather than the top.
We have found lots of animal tracks and scat in our walks, and many critters. Hope you are as lucky.
You can return to the trail and turning left follow the trail until the woods opens into a grass track. Make another left which will take you out to the dog run again and follow the paved trail back to the parking lot.
Total walk time us about 20 minutes, but we spend a lot more time in the creek and woods and at the pond and playground. There are picnic tables and even grills, bring a kite for the large field by the tennis courts. You could make an afternoon of it.