Oh Buoy  LbNA # 53264

OwnerCouple of Faith    
Placed DateApr 28 2010
LocationSwansboro, NC
Found By fleetwood7
Last Found Nov 11 2010
Hike Distance?

Oh Buoy

This Buoy is between the Swans & The Point. You will head east and see his girl, Wendy, wishing to grow up and become a Queen. You will see H&R; WA; and BOA... but don't be dismayed by these, you are on the right way. Pass by the street where Freddie invades your dreams. Then duck in for a slice before you meet the large Oak. From your car you may feel like its taken Weeks to get here. But the adventure is almost over. Take a stroll towards the water. You will see a witness to our planting - a Captain Burns - and he's showing you the spot, but he's just a little off. You can take a seat to enjoy the view, but please no fishing from this spot. As you look starboard, you will notice some of nature's greenery - specifically the one closest to a fence and a wall. Oh buoy - your prize lays underneath a few of the local riff raff. NOTE: This area can be busy at times. Please be as stealthy as you can and re-hide very well - maintenance of this area is frequent.