Roosevelt Leprechauns  LbNA # 53279

Placed DateApr 25 2010
LocationStratford, CT
Planted ByDino Don    
Found By Team Rogue
Last Found Nov 18 2022
Hike Distance?

Roosevelt Leprechauns

Go the main Parking lot from Peters Lane. Get a trail map from:
This also shows alternative ways to get into the forest. I’ve parked here for years and never been bothered; they only care about the beach area. This may be important for two reasons. 1-the gate might be locked 2-all the signs on the way in have you spooked. The web site talks about it, and shows alternative ways in. The one on Beaver Dam Road, if you take this you will come in on blue, follow this and it will bring you to the main gate the back way.

Go through the main gate entrance to the right of the kiosk. To the right is the green blazed trail and follow this till you come to a clearing which is actually where a gas pipeline is buried running through the park. Take a right and go straight over a series of hills. You will come to an unmarked trail to the right. DO NOT take this trail, go further straight a little ways and there is a green blazed tree to the right, take this and follow the green blazes. Follow this till you go down a hill to the bottom. To the left is a 3 sister tree, look right and there is a moss covered flat rock wrapping around a 2 sister tree. The 1st pot of gold is where the rock meets the trunk of the tree.

Continue down the trail, you might come to a muddy portion depending on the weather but you can pass it if you stay to the left. Walk along the path past a swamp on your left. Go over the bridge and as soon as you take a sharp left you will see a large split rock with a seat that makes it look like a throne. From the back the 2cd pot of gold is in the split.

Continue till you come to a “T” in the trail. Look right and there will be a rock that must have looked like a muffin with the top fallen off to the side. The 3rd pot of gold is under the split in the front.

To get back to the parking lot and main gate, short way is taking the left at the “T” to the road leading in to the parking lot; long way is going right over a bridge to a scout camp and following the gravel path to the gate.