Arnold Lookout Point  LbNA # 53313

Placed DateApr 15 2010
LocationArnold, NE
Found By Pinwheel Pioneer
Last Found Jul 11 2011
Hike Distance?

Note: I would love for someone to find this letterbox and email me - I forget what I NAMED this letterbox! It will be on the logbook in the letterbox. Please help me remember!

Planted with good friend, L.B. during a visit. Thanks for a great visit, L.B.!

This lookout point is a nice view over a valley of farmground and sandhills. A quick find for the traveler on the go. An interesting note: the road that you will drive on to get there is used annually for a high-speed road race, called the Sandhills Open Road Challenge. You can see it on youtube. Exciting!

Bring your own ink.
Level of Terrain Difficulty: Easy
Time required after parking: 1 minute

Take Hwy 47 north into Arnold and continue north across Hwy 92, at which point, it becomes N. Carroll St. Continue across 5 streets named for presidents, and into the country just a little bit. You'll pass a yellow left-curve-arrow sign, and then a right-curve-arrow sign, and then another left one. And then you will turn left at Judkins HIll, which is the turn-around/lookout-point.

In the center of the turn-around, you will notice some large trees. The letterbox is hidden in the crotch of the northern tree with 3 main trunks. Please re-hide well.

Another interesting note: from the letterbox, if you face east, you will notice Devil's Den canyon, whereit is said that Jesse James and his gang would hide from law enforcement.