Poochies  LbNA # 53337 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Hyena's    
Placed DateJul 29 2010
LocationKingwood, TX
Found By Lucky Libra
Last Found Sep 2 2011
Hike Distance?

We have place a NEWLY made letter box which several of the neighborhood kids helped to make.....

Our first letter box is in the back of Kingwood in Greentree Village.

Off US 59 go East on Northpark Drive about 4-5 miles to West Lake Houston Parkway.

Take right/South on West Lake Houston Parkway go about 1/4 mile and look for crossover for Brook Shadow Drive.

Take left/East on Brook Shadow Drive for about 1 mile - you will pass a school and a big park on your right side along with two stop signs. You will begin to curve to your right when on your left you will see the sign.....

Brook Shadow Park
Greentree Village

From the park sign go to the concrete walkway and begin walking into the park.

You will pass a trash can on your left.
Continue on the concrete walkway staying towards the right.

You will pass the 1st playground on your left.
Continue on the concrete walkway staying towards the left.

Walking almost up to the 2nd playground take a right on the walkway. Immediately see the light pole on the left of the walkway.

Continue on the concrete walkway until you see where the concrete breaks on the inner corner of the walkway.
Turn right - you will see the trash can now on your right.

Look down as you walk until your see the two black plastic sewer drains sticking out from under the concrete path you are walking.

From there take 12 small steps straight (continuing on the walkway). Stop - turn to your right!

Take 6 small steps until you reach the bent tree with lots of roots growing above the ground.

Look between the roots --- you should find the letter box!