Birthday Wishes: Bryce  LbNA # 53338

Placed DateApr 7 2010
LocationVictor, MT
Found By Windwolf
Last Found May 5 2013
Hike Distance?

For my nephew's birthday, the oldest son of my baby sister. He loves going letterboxing with us, or his Grammy (my mom) when we visit.

Draw a 4x4 grid. To solve the grid answer the following questions

1. An object that rings.
2. Do you ____ what I ____.
3. Ribbit ribbit.
4. You have to be 12 in Montana to hunt these.

Draw a 5X5 grid and do the same as above.

1. My son's favorite dessert, strawberries and _____.
2. These grow all over the Bitterroot.
3. What people do with flowers.
4. You use to tie up the load in the back of the truck.
5. A type of side show at a circus.

Once you solve both grids, you can see where you should start reading them each from the top left, to the bottom right. Go to this place's trailhead. Walk along and soon you will be entering into a long & large rock field. As you continue along this field, look for the orange rock, you can't miss it! It's about 24 yards up the side- climb carefully!! When you get there, the micro-box is on the left side top.