Critter's Take the Sky!  LbNA # 53342

Placed DateMay 2 2010
LocationVictor, MT
Found By Chelle & Chickadee '11
Last Found May 28 2011
Hike Distance?

Find the Bear Creek trail head & find a spot to park. Instead of walking on the trail, take a walk back out the way you came in. On the right side, look for the anti-p. Once you find it, stand directly in front of it and look into the forest.

Ahead and slightly left is a boulder with a stump on it's right side. Continue looking left and up a bit, and you will see a big stump. From there look even further up and to the left and you should see a stump with a boulder about the same size behind it. Go to there!

Once you get there, look behind the boulder and under a rock.