Chris Greene Lake Letterbox  LbNA # 53352

Placed DateApr 21 2010
LocationEarlysville, VA
Found By Julie West
Last Found Apr 25 2015
Hike Distance?

This letterbox/geocache hybrid was hidden for the 10 Years! Charlottesville event on May 1, 2010. It's a letterbox hybrid cache, so it can be done either as a multi cache or as a letterbox (without GPS).

Multi: At stage 1 is a stone monument with a plaque with the name of the park, a paragraph about the park, and the names of the park's founders.

How many times does the letter O appear in the second line of the paragraph? A
How many letters are in the last line of the paragraph? B
How many names on the plaque have suffixes (Jr., Sr., III, etc.)? C
How many times does E.N. Garnett's name appear on the plaque? D
How many letters are in the very last word on the plaque? E

Final: N 38° 09.(E-D) 0 (A+D) W 078° 26.(A-C) D (E-B)

Letterbox: Start at the memorial plaque by Chris Greene Lake. From the plaque, turn around, cross the road, and head east across the grass toward the large juniper tree. Go to the right of the tree and head downhill into the woods to the small stream, which flows roughly south to north. Cross the stream (there's a good spot near the large tree with the S-curved trunk) and follow it to the north. After a short distance, the terrain on the east side of the stream levels out. Look for a 3-trunked tree on the west side of the stream, on point of a small ridge, just upstream from where water from a small hollow depression joins the stream. From the bank opposite the 3-trunked tree, head east about 25 steps to a fallen, mossy juniper tree with three trunks and a bare, fallen pine tree. The letterbox is in a roll of wire fencing on the right.

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