In The Buff  LbNA # 53380

OwnerKiller Bees      
Placed DateMay 5 2010
LocationBroomfield, CO
Found By The Woodshed
Last Found May 20 2012
Hike Distance?

***1/2013 There is construction in the area. You can't get to the parking area now as it is blocked off. You can pull off into the dirt just west of Sheridan and east of the buffalo sclptures and start at the sidewalk there.

The name is slightly misleading. We really had intended to hide this differently but found that the proximity and exposure to the highway was intimidating. We pass this area at least four times a week and never took the time to investigate… until now.

From Highway 7, turn South onto Sheridan. Take your first available right and follow that around to the parking area. Cross over the dirt to where the sidewalk begins. There are two small white fence parts here. Take the sidewalk heading West until you reach a bridge. Cross this bridge to the treasure. You will locate it beneath the North-West corner. Watch you step and go slowly on this loose earth.

Please re-hide in same location, safer from weather and spectators—not that you will see many.

Hand-made stamp only
No journal, ink, or pen
First finder ticket