Land of the Yankee Fork Series  LbNA # 5341

Placed DateAug 9 2003
LocationStanley or Challis, ID
Found By Mim
Last Found Jul 1 2011
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The Land of the Yankee Fork is a fascinating trip through the history of the west, providing a glimpse into the everyday life of the boomtown miner and mountain settlers. Miners lived in towns such as Sunbeam, Bonanza, and Custer as early as the 1860's. Come explore the ghost towns, cemetaries, and the old dredge and enjoy a taste of Idaho history.

To get to Land of the Yankee Fork, turn north off of highway 75 at Sunbeam (12 miles east of Stanley). Follow up the road watching for signs that will tell you where the stops are.

Difficulty of the series: easy with a little walking to enjoy the sites.

Pull into the Bonanza townsite and take an immediate right turn on the dirt road. There are some historic markers after a ghost town cabin. The markers are followed by another cabin on the right side of the dirt road. After that, there is a cabin with its roof caving in on the left side of the road with a sort of a jeep trail going out to it. From the north corner (back side) find the tree stump behind some trees at 328 degrees. The letterbox is hidden at the base of this stump under rocks and twigs.

From the Bonanza townsite entrance, continue up to the Bonanza Cemetery. Don't miss this box, the cemetary is a fascinating spot. Once you are there, pass the entrance and go to the southwest corner of the fence. There is a small trail that follows the side fence just past the corner. The letterbox is hidden 7 fenceposts up at the base of the middle tree under sticks and sones.

The letterbox is hidden 15 paces past the outhouse at the dredge behind four quaking aspens that come together at the base.

In the ghost town of Custer, stop to enjoy the museums and get a brochure for the walking tour of the town (you can locate the letterboxes without the brochure though). The Custer Letterbox is located behind the Frank Tully Cabin (marker #13). Behind the cabin is a quaking aspen tree. The letterbox is hidden under some rocks just behind it. Please exercise caution as this area is in clear view of several busy spots.


The markers in this area have changed this year. Thanks to A-Bear, I can give you an update. Let me know if you find it alright. This final box is hidden behind the lot that had the "Bawdy House" or "House of ill-repute."

In Custer, find trail marker #15 and continue 17 paces/34 steps on the trail past Custer's snow plow to the unmarked marker on your left. From it, go 5.5 paces/11 steps @92 degrees to the rocks covering the box.

Please use discretion in finding these boxes as they can be popular visiting spots. Cover well when done.