Andrew Johnson at the Mansion  LbNA # 53429

Placed DateMay 9 2010
LocationGreeneville, TN
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108 N Irish St., Greeneville, TN 37743

Hidden at a historic spot in downtown Greeneville. Beware of muggles. Please re-hide carefully so as not to disclose the cache location. Hint below is a spoiler--don't read it if you don't want to know! :)

This hybrid geocache/letterbox (hidden with the knowledge of the good folks at the Dickson-Williams Mansion) celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Geocaching and the rich history of Greeneville. We just celebrated the bicentennials for Presidents Andrew Johnson and Abraham Lincoln, while 2011-2015 marks the Civil War Sesquicentennial. Here at the Dickson Williams Mansion are two Civil War Trails markers.

“Confederate cavalry hero Gen. John Hunt Morgan spent the last night of his life in this Greeneville showplace built in 1821. He was ambushed and killed in the home’s garden Sept. 4, 1864. Much on the Civil War history during guided tours, including Morgan’s room with its original furnishings. The building was used by officers of both sides during the war.”

There’s a lot of other history at the Dickson-Williams Mansion as well. The guided tours are well worth the small fee; if memory serves, they are daily at 1PM -- inquire at the General Morgan Inn across the Mansion’s east lawn. A downtown walking tour highlights other Greeneville history.

Nearby is the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site. Johnson visited the Dickson-Williams Mansion in real life, not just as a hybrid geocache/letterbox!

SmallAbe had the pleasure of using the Dickson-Williams Mansion as the site for two films during the Lincoln Bicentennial -- it’s still a place of hospitality almost 190 years after it was originally built!

Greeneville has Lincoln-Johnson connections: for example, Lincoln's relative (probably Great-Uncle), Mordecai, presided over the wedding of Andrew Johnson. Both of their graves are in Greeneville.

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