Mother's Day Bouquet 2  LbNA # 53433

Placed DateMay 9 2010
LocationClifton, VA
Found By The Olympian
Last Found Aug 29 2013
Hike Distance?

Mother's Day Bouquet 2 can be found on a walking trail in the Little Rocky Run community in Clifton, VA. From Union Mill Road, midway between Centreville HS and Liberty MS, turn onto South Springs Drive. After 4th stop sign on South Springs Drive, there is a clearing/water runoff area (just past corner of South Springs Drive and Springhouse Circle). Park there, and find the waist-high "LRR" trail post on the odd #'d side of the street along the treeline. Follow the weathered walking trail into the woods, using the "LRR" trail posts as markers. Stay on the trail, crossing three wooden foot bridges along the way. Just after the third bridge, find the next "LRR" post. Stand with your back to the marker (against the LRR side) and walk forward 15 steps toward a tree directly in front of you. "Mother's Day Bouquet" is hiding at the base of that tree on the back side, under a small pile of cut logs. After stamping in and rehiding the letter box, you may wish to continue along the marked trail into a clearing just ahead. There you will find a nice area with a picnic table - perfect for frisbee or kite-flying. Just a short distance further down the trail is a small tot lot (playground) and a basketball court. A great "secret" place to enjoy before walking back the way you came to your car. We didn't map the distance, but think it's about a half-mile round trip. You may want to combine this hunt with several other letterboxes recently planted here in Little Rocky Run! Hope you enjoy a beautiful day and "Mother's Day Bouquet!"