Wild Horse in Aztec  LbNA # 53451

Placed DateJul 9 2010
CountySan Juan
LocationAztec, NM
Found By the egg basket
Last Found Feb 23 2013
Hike Distance?

Today is Mothers Day and Wild Horse has been set free in Riverside park, Aztec NM. Aztec is located 10 miles on US-NM Highway 550 from Farmington to the south and within a one hour drive from Durango, CO to the north. To find the “Wild Horse,” you must go south on S. Light Plant Rd. off of Aztec Blvd/Hwy 516. (CLUE: Wendy will be smiling at you from the NE corner of the intersection you need to turn on). Drive until you see the entrance of Riverside Park and go through. Pass the pond on the right and follow the road through the trees to the baseball park and the horse area. Park over on the right by the beautiful new bridge crossing the river. Take a walk across the bridge (south), stop at the end of the bridge and find the blue picnic table on the left. Look just beyond the table to a VERY LARGE ROCK by the river. You will find Wild Horse grazing here, look at the base of the rock, on the side opposite the bridge. There will be a slight spor, I couldnt quite fit the horse under the rock.

Enjoy the park and the river. Remember to put everything back better than the way you found it. Hope you enjoyed the hunt. - Aspen