Jullian's First  LbNA # 53458

OwnerHurley Clan 4    
Placed DateMar 15 2010
LocationBeaverton, OR
Found By Inkwell
Last Found Oct 5 2012
Hike Distance?

Cooper Mt. Nature Park
Facing the playground (south) there are 2 signs. One sign is a map of the park. Follow the "Little Prairie Loop" to the left of your current location.
Follow the trail to the left, past the post with a small map. You will then enter an area with older fir trees.
After the "S" curve, you will come to another post with a map. Take a right, then a left at another post with a map onto "Black Trail Way". The gravel on the path is larger then the path you were just on.
Pass by a bench and a "Listenning Trumpet". You will come to a bridge, cross it and head up the hill. Stop at the top of this small incline, right before you start to go down hill. There is a stump on your left hand side. Look behind it, covered with stump debris is Jullian's first letter box she carved herself.