Caja de Familia  LbNA # 53469

Placed DateMay 11 2010
LocationDecatur, GA
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Hike Distance?

1) Find directions to “The Tabernacle Assembly of God” in Decatur, GA.
2) Park in the parking lot, and walk to the flag poll.
3) With the parking lot on your left and the flag poll behind you look straight ahead.
4) Find the gate with a stop sign.
5) Go though the gate and down the path.
6) See the small lake and two baseball fields on your right.
7) Walk to the abandoned concession stand.
8) Turn right.
9) Walking between the two field, go as far as you can go.
10) To the left you will see a small hidden path surrounded with honeysuckles.
11) Follow the path along the gate.
12) Come to the fork in the road, take the path to the right.
13) Continue until you find the small creek.
14) Keep walking until you see a hidden clearing to the left with a cluster of large rocks.
15) Pay close attention as it is easy to miss.
16) Hidden amidst these rocks is the treasure that you seek.

This is a story from five College students from five very different parts of the United States who became a family. We call ourselves the Sully’s. This box is to remember who we are, and the memories we have created over the years. Although we will go our separate ways, one day we will bring our own families to this very special place!