NKOA 4H  LbNA # 53473

OwnerNKOA 4H    
Placed DateMay 11 2010
LocationAuburn, ME
Found By TeamLaFlamme
Last Found May 30 2011
Hike Distance?

NKOA has left in the woods of Auburn,
A Letterbox filled with treasure and fun.
48 Pettengill Park
Is the place!
Do you feel the chill from
The ice skating space?

To the right of Ingersoll Arena
Is where you will begin.
Our Letterbox is hidden in the
Woods beyond
Waiting for visitors to take something
From it and leave something behind.

As you enter the trail head,
Cross over the stream,
You will see the grayish/white blazes
Upon the trees.

Follow that trail,
There are many things to explore,
Did you notice any bark from the
Birch trees ready to fall to the
Forest floor?

Keep traveling along you are getting warmer,
When you come to a T,
Stick to the LEFT hand corner.

Now you must carefully tread upon the
Old root patch that lies ahead.
Take notice of the Birch trees that sit as 3,
That’s a strange sight, don’t you agree?

Your almost there, keep a close eye.
X marks a spot, leading you closer to our letterbox!

To those who have taken on this quest
There is a rule you must follow!
You may open the box and choose something to take,
But you must leave in its place a token from you.
The next traveler will do the same,
Leaving notes, a small gift, it will always change!
This box is very special,
It was placed here with care,
Please respect the process and leave it for all to share!

The object of our game,
To keep our Letterbox a mystery,
But to those who seek it with adventure
In their hearts
Fun will be had
And the changing treasures held within
Will give it a history!

So back to our quest,
X marks the spot and a home you see.
Are you tired yet?
Maybe you should rest!

A fallen tree to sit upon will be just what
You need to ponder the question…

Where could that letterbox be?