Moo- what's that smell?  LbNA # 53475

Placed DateApr 5 2010
Locationjerome, ID
Found By goldenoldie
Last Found Apr 20 2016
Hike Distance?

When I first moved to Idaho (2004) I remember gaining this sense of smell I never knew I had! My drive from Austin, Texas to Kuna, Idaho was long- but there was this smell I kept getting from my drive over from Twin to Kuna. There are no dairies where I'm from! My husband informed us about that, and the bugs that came with it. Turning my gleaming silver car black & brown. Still to this day we all laugh when we go through there. So, on our latest trek to Twin Falls, we decided a letterbox would help commemorate this experience.

Find the rest area just east of Jerome, Idaho. (headed East on I84.)
Park anywhere you choose. Then find the first place where you can quit being a letter bug. Take 24 steps form this object towards the west. You should be at a large boulder, between two juniper bushes. Take two steps north. Under a rock at the stumps base is that smell you are searching for.