T. I. and Counting!  LbNA # 53484

OwnerPiper on the Trail    
Placed DateMay 13 2010
LocationTopsail Beach, NC
Last Found Jun 25 2010
Hike Distance?

T. I. and Counting!

TI and Counting! is the first in a series of letterboxes celebrating Operation Bumblebee, the secret missile program conducted by the US Navy on Topsail Island from 1946 through 1948.

To find this letterbox, you’ll have to find the historical building where the bumblebees were “born.”

Once you find the appropriate location, go inside (seasonal weekdays between 2 and 5 pm, peak season includes Saturdays from 2 ‘til 5) and enjoy the many treasures on public display. If you’re able, drop a few dollars into the honey jar at the front desk just bee-cause.

When you’re ready to locate the letterbox, find the ARROWS.... You'll have to use your HEAD.... CANOE reach up between the black columns? Because that’s where you’ll find the letterbox T.I. and Counting!

Look for the second letterbox of this series in Fall 2010.