joy's ride  LbNA # 53498

Placed DateOct 12 2009
LocationNew Brighton, MN
Found By Dartmoor Dreamer
Last Found Nov 8 2009
Hike Distance?

joy's ride

Joy goes for a ride.

Joy ( letterboxer, rocket scientist and part time gymnastic coach) saw a sign outside of long lake regional park in new Brighton saying helicopter rides.
Joy takes out some extra mad money sitting in a secret compartment in her purse and pays for a ride. She takes a nice ride and looks at long lake pike lake, moorlake and then heads back too long lake park to land. She sees the main pavilion and parking lot as the helicopter hovers over the pavilion.
Oh no the helicopter goes out of control! The pilot looks at his controls and notes that they are heading off in at 20 Degrees looking to land in a grassy the area that was away from the playground and parking lot.
The helicopter clears a stand of trees crossed a bike path then veered off uncontrollably into the woods and crash landed under a hollow log. Seeing that a pilot was injured and needed help, joy recorded how she got out of the woods. Joy first took four steps north of log to a social trail. Then headed in a somewhat westerly direction for about 31 steps. At that point she saw a social trail at about 290°. Joy follow the social trail all the way to the field that the pilot was trying to land in. At that point, joy saw a paramedic and pointed to the second social trail south from the fence (that you can clearly see once you are in the field) and passed out.
Now your job is paramedic and letterboxer is to use the directiothns joy had written down walking out of the woods to go back into the woods and help the pilot.
Remember the directions from the crash sight to the clearing is writen by Joy as she left the woods.