Stick Deer  LbNA # 5353

Placed DateAug 23 2003
LocationLittleton, CO
Planted ByTeam Min Dawg    
Found By The Woodshed
Last Found Jul 16 2011
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Stick Deer

Sorry...this box is unavaliable until further notice. October 15, 2004

Location: Deer Creek Canyon Park…(A dog-friendly and FREE park!)

Planted: August 23, 2003 by Team Min Dawg

Status: This box is temporarily unavailable. A park host took it and we are in the process of trying to get it back. Thanks for your patience.

Expectations: Approximately 2.7 miles if you do the whole loop with 830ft. elevation gain.

Notes: Take a stamp pad with you. If you are boxing with your dog, please be a responsible human and clean up after your dog. There are poop bags available at the trailhead.

Directions: Exit on Kipling off of C-470 and head south. Within the first block heading south on Kipling, you will see the first sign for Deer Creek Canyon Park. Follow the signs to Deer Creek Canyon Park. At the park, check out the sign at the trailhead with a map of the park so you can locate Plymouth Creek and Meadowlark trails. Usually there are maps for you to take with you, also located at the trailhead sign.

Clues: From the trailhead sign, walk on the Plymouth Creek trail until you reach the Meadowlark Trail. Take the Meadowlark Trail until there is a definite fork in the trail. Don’t be mislead by numerous deer trails leading off the main trail. When you arrive at the fork, look down and to your right. You should see a rock about 40cm long. From this rock, walk 12 paces (not steps!) on a heading of 23°. You should be standing on or near two rocks that are a bit bigger than basketballs. There is also a nice rock to sit on to enjoy the view. Stand on the larger of the two rocks and take a bearing of 340°. There is something blocking your view and what you seek should be hiding under some rocks at the base. Please do not bushwhack! There is no need to ever leave the trail to look for this box.

Box till you drop!