Blue Dragon's Den  LbNA # 53558 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerearley's eaglets    
Placed DateMay 21 2010
LocationAustin, TX
Found By PI Joe
Last Found Oct 24 2010
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was made by 5 fifth grade students in Mr. Earley’s class. We did this project as a creative writing project. Our letterbox is called the Blue Dragon’s Den. We hope your letterboxing experience will be fun.

This journey begins where 13 colonies fly high
And 50 great states are in the sky.

After finding these states in the sky
Go to a place where kids like to hide.

In this rocky area you’ll find a twisty slide
Where many kids will run,play and glide.

After running around and having some fun
You’ll see wooden benches under the sun.

After having a seat and maybe a snack
Go to a place where the ground is black.

Walk to the field with two big nets
Go to the one away from where the sun sets.

After that, go to the tree with the number 2872
And take a rest at the bench that’s the color of blue.

Look behind you at the big drainage wall
If you stand atop it, you’ll be really tall.

Walk down the wall, people use as a slide
You are closer to where our box will hide.

Walk to where this rainwater flows
And this treasure is now under your nose

Look behind a pile of dirt, leaves, and rocks
And then you’ll find our small letterbox.