dragon candy  LbNA # 53560

Ownerearley's eaglets      
Placed DateMay 21 2010
Locationaustin, TX
Found ByWild Monkeys (Attempted)
Last UpdateMay 29 2012


Letterbox Clues

Our letterbox name is dragon candy. This letter box was made by 5 students in Mr. Earley痴 class.

To begin your adventure find the announcement board at Laurel Mountain Elementary School.

After finding this board you値l stand under and just out of sight, It is from this point where you値l go off to your right.
After you enter this place and pass the big stench, you値l stand between two picnic tables and find a wooden bench.
While you池e sitting on the bench look over your left shoulder, you値l see a tall pole and on top a small boulder.
Put your back to the post and look straight ahead, off in the distance you値l see blue, white, and red.
Once you致e reached these three colors take one final hop, look around until you see the backstop.
From the backstop at the edge of the field, you look at the track a curb will thus yield.

Hop on to the track where the fence line is nearest
You値l follow this to the end and hop off where it is clearest.
Walk to the fence line into the woods,
About 30 paces and you値l find the goods.