FrogiNater's LBing Anniversary  LbNA # 53622

Placed DateMay 24 2010
LocationSula, MT
Found By trombonechic3b
Last Found Jul 31 2013
Hike Distance?

One year ago today we were introduced to Letterboxing by “zTurtle” (Frogi’s mama) on a visit up to Montana from central Texas. She showed us what to do, how to follow clues, how to hide and helped us carve our signature stamps. That weekend we also hid our first box at a Ghost Town about 2 hours from our home. Boxing has been a fun family activity in the year since & for sure in coming years!

On our way back to Hamilton from Lost Trail we hid our anniversary present among some rocks. At the right turn off (unmarked road) before the Spring Gulch campground is where you will see it. There are 5 boulders all lined up at the bottom of a rocky wall. Under the 4th and behind is our gift!