Mighty Knight & Mysterious Thing  LbNA # 53715

OwnerPurple Fairy    
Placed Date
LocationKane Park, Gresham, OR
Planted By
Found By frykitty
Last Found May 31 2010
Hike Distance?


These boxes are at Kane Park, behind the fire station, south of Divison.

#1- Mighty Knight.
Clue: Park in front of the picnic tables. Take the path on your right. Stay to your right. Go up the hill. At the top, take the second left path. On your right you’ll see a log. You are now on the right path. At the 4 way intersection go left. On your left, look for a hollow stump by two trees. Ask the skinny one if you can see her feet. You will find multiple shoots growing right above an indentation that houses #1.

#2-Mysterious Thing.
Clue: Start at #1.Turn your back on the skinny tree. Go straight and down a hill, towards a stream bed. Do not cross, go right. You will come to an intersection with a tree growing in the middle. Take the 11 o’clock path. Follow the beams lining the path. At the end of the second one look to your right. You will see Siamese twins. The twins stand in front of, and guard a Mysterious Thing.

Clue: box 3-
Follow the beams til' you reach # 5. Look to the left and find the tree with a tunnel to the fairy kingdom. The root that directs you back to the humans trail hides the box.

-Please hide as well or better than you found and be very discreet these boxes have gone missing before-