Dog Paw Cliff  LbNA # 53718

Placed DateMay 26 2010
LocationWoodland Park, CO
Found By Woodland Wanderer
Last Found Sep 18 2010
Hike Distance?

*Four Wheel Drive is recommended! No cars will be able to access this without doing damage. And please do not attempt during snow/winter.* *This takes about 40 minutes to get to from starting point.* Tight roads and it is bumpy, be safe!*

This is a box located on a beautiful boulder/cliff overlooking Colorado scenery; I first came here with my dogs and husband hence “Dog Paw Cliff”. The box contains an amateur handmade stamp, a pencil and no ink (this my first attempt to carve a stamp).

Starting from the McDonalds located in Woodland Park, CO. From light at McDonalds (when heading West towards Divide) Go RIGHT on Baldwin Street and continue on this road 2.6 miles till you get to Rampart Nat’l Forest and reach a fork in the road.
At the fork, take a LEFT. Go 3.5 miles on this same road until you reach a “T” in which the sign points to Denver, Go LEFT and drive 1 (one) mile. You will see a small brown fence to your RIGHT off the main road, trail number #322. Take this trail.
Stay to the LEFT when you get to the clearing after taking this trail and continue down the same road for 4.2 miles. About halfway through you will pass a sign to the Right that says, “Road closed” KEEP GOING. You will come to a fork in the road, go RIGHT 0.3 miles (You could hike if you want, or drive, trail narrows)
Go up a fairly steep incline and park to the LEFT on the boulder. Enjoy the view!
Continue down the dirt trail about 180-200 paces, and just before you reach the camping spot there will be a small tree with some boulders in front of it to your LEFT.
Two boulders are squished together about 10-13 paces straight down from the small tree.
Look underneath, behind two rocks.