Life-Cyle of a Monarch Butterfly  LbNA # 53731

OwnerBrown Eyed Susan    
Placed DateMay 28 2010
LocationShippenville, PA
Found By Yankocats
Last Found Sep 6 2013
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The life-cycle of a monarch butterfly is an absolutely amazing process. An adult butterfly lays eggs on a milkweed plant. Tiny caterpillars (larvae) hatch from the eggs and start eating the milkweed plant right away. They eat and grow, and grow, and grow for app. 2 weeks. Then, the caterpillar climbs up to a branch, hangs upside down, and forms a chrysalis around itself. After about 10 days, a beautiful Monarch butterfly emerges, and the whole process starts all over again.

For this series, there is only one logbook located in the last box (butterfly).

These boxes are hidden in PA State Game Lands. Please wear orange if looking for them in hunting season. Also, because this area does see a lot of traffic during hunting season, PLEASE make sure all boxes are re-hid well.

You may want to bring bug spray with you when hunting for these boxes.

From I-80, take the Shippenville exit (exit 60). Drive a little over 3 miles, and turn left onto Pine Terrace Rd. Drive this road 1.2 miles to the dead end. Park in the State Game Land parking area.

Box #1: EGGS
Head out of parking area and take the path to the right. Soon, you will see a section of pine trees off to your right. Step into this pine area. Look app. 30 feet off the path for three double trees in a cluster. The box is hidden at the base of this cluster of trees, under a rock. Suggested ink: Green & Black.

Continue a few steps down the path to where the path kind-of makes a 3-way split. Turn right. (At the time of planting, there was a large pile of rock at the spot where you want to turn.) You will be turning onto the path of the old railroad tracks, but no tracks remain. Walk this path until you come to rock "walls" on both sides of you. Look at the rock wall on the left. Up on top of the wall, you will see a bunch of smaller trees in a cluster. Directly under these trees, at the base of the rock wall, you will see a bunch of broken up rocks. What you seek is under these broken rocks. Suggested ink: Black and yellow.

Continue on the trail until you come to the end of the path (there will be a gate in front of you). Turn left. Walk down the hill until the path/road veers to the left. There is another gate here. Instead of going towards the gate, look for a small path into the woods on the right. Take this path. Shortly after entering the woods, the path splits. Do not go up over the hill. Go straight. There will be a stump on top of a rock directly in front of you. Just before the stump on your right is a tree that curves at the base. What you seek is tucked under this curve behind rocks and sticks. Suggested ink: Green and brown.

Turn around and go back out to the main path/road. Walk back up over the hill. When you come to the gate on your left, continue going straight app. 75 steps (every time a foot comes down, it is a step). You will see a big rock with a double tree growing around the rock with many roots. The box is hidden deep under this big rock behind a bunch of smaller rocks. Suggested ink: Orange, Black and Blue.

From here, continue up over the hill to your vehicle.

Please re-hide boxes well and let me know the condition you find them in. I love hearing the condition of my boxes. Please record finds on both LbNA and Atlas Quest.