Prince William Forest Tulip Trail  LbNA # 53733

OwnerTroop 3789    
Placed DateMay 28 2010
CountyPrince William
LocationTriangle, VA
Found By BBQ Birdies
Last Found Jul 29 2014
Hike Distance?

Your journey commences at petrified wood, with the visitor’s center beckoning @ at top of your clock.

Spy a map to start your journey; pinpoint your location.

Four paces lead you to a chance for rest. Take a seat to prepare for your challenge.

After your respite, a turn of 160 degrees to discover “light.” Travel to the source.

Like the hands of a clock, turn 9 o’clock and travel 12 paces.

4 soldiers stand guard, pass in formation.

“No bikes” begins your journey down a path of mysteries.

Down a grey trail you will travel to the mysteries that await.

A y-shaped sentry watches all who pass beside it.

Discover a rocky “boot” in the footpath’s middle.

Walk further, finding 3 tall sentries, with 2 napping on the job.

Linger at the first trail marker, spying 3 red tulips on wooden paper. Count 7 paces to a new path.

Another tulip awaits you at 3 o’clock. Pass it on your journey.

Continue past a young sentry with a ring.

Spy yet another tulip marking the way.

Only 7 paces to a sleeping sentry at 9 o’clock.

Carefully follow the sleeping sentry to where your treasure awaits. Just make sure you see no snakes.

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