Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Homesteader Trail  LbNA # 5374

Placed DateAug 24 2003
LocationLittleton, CO
Planted ByTeam Min Dawg    
Found By karate hiker
Last Found Sep 3 2007
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Homesteader Trail

Box alive and well as of March 22, 2009

Location: Deer Creek Canyon Park…(A dog-friendly and FREE park!) near Littleton, Colorado, Jefferson County

Planted: August 24, 2003 (Happy Birthday Franzsolo!) by Team Min Dawg

Expectations: Approximately 5.4 miles with a little less than 1000 ft. elevation gain.

Notes: Take a stamp pad with you. If you are boxing with your dog, please be a responsible human and clean up after your dog. There are poop bags available at the trailhead.

Directions: Exit on Kipling off of C-470 and head south. Within the first block heading south on Kipling, you will see the first sign for Deer Creek Canyon Park. Follow the signs to Deer Creek Canyon Park. At the park, check out the sign at the trailhead with a map of the park so you can locate Plymouth Creek, Plymouth Mountain, Scenic View and Homesteader Trails. Usually there are maps for you to take with you, also located at the trailhead sign.

Clues: From the trailhead sign, walk on the Plymouth Creek and Plymouth Mountain Trails until you reach the junction of Scenic View and Homesteader Trails. The Homesteader Trail is a hiker-only trail so if you rode your bike, park it! As you are walking on the Homesteader Trail you will pass two square posts marking the directions of the trail. One is located near the beginning of the trail and the other is located somewhere along the way. After the second post, the trail will switch directions and you will be heading 80°. Where the trail changes directions there is a small culvert. Stand at the large rock over the culvert and walk 24 paces (not steps!) on a heading of 80° while looking to your left. Do you see a large rock outcropping? Climb up toward it. As you approach the outcropping you will notice another large outcropping behind it. The bushes are thick, so look for a small break in the bushes (probably formed and used by deer) that leads east. Work your way up to the second rock outcropping. The box is under an old log covered by sticks. Have fun!

Box till you drop!