Foolish Letterbox  LbNA # 53757

OwnerStorm Crow    
Placed DateMay 30 2010
CountyLewis and Clark
LocationHelena, MT
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Hike Distance?

Only a fool would hike two and a half miles up hill to hide a letter box.

Only a fool would hike alone in bear country.

Only a fool would go off trail.

Only a fool would sit on a cold stone while it is 'pop-corn' snowing to stamp in the logbook.

Yes, Stormcrow is a fool and so are you if you decide to go in search of this letterbox!

Directions to the box: Head west from Helena on Canyon Ferry Road until you come to the turn off for Magpie Creek Road (roughly 5 miles past the dam). Drive approximately 5.5 miles to the Never Sweat Trailhead with its large public parking area. This is trail # 241 (the sign at first junction has it labeled as # 239) and is an ATV trail as well. I would consider this a stenuous hike and is almost completely uphill through a huge burn area with standing dead trees. After about 2.5 or 3 miles you come out on a saddle with the first trail junction. The sign points to the right towards Hedges Mountain. Behind the sign (roughly south) there is a hill and a small peak. No trail but you just walk parallel to the line between the dead burned trees and the live conifers. It gets steep towards the top of the nob and then you will see the second nob just above the first one. Hike up to the top of this second nob. You will see a rocky outcropping on the side you have just ascended. The letter box is tucked under a couple of rocks at the far lower-right hand corner of the rock outcropping. Just above is the top with a view of Canyon Ferry Lake to the east and south. Enjoy the hike down which took me an hour (about 2 hours to get up there).

Please rehide the box carefully. I seriously doubt anyone else bothers to climb to the top of this small peak. Only the foolish...