Twilight-Jenne Butte  LbNA # 53760

Placed DateMay 24 2010
LocationGresham, OR
Found By Timm-ber Trail
Last Found Jul 2 2011
Hike Distance?

**4/1/12** Edward and Jacob are probably missing, but will be re-planted. Bella is still there as far as I know.**

Jenne Butte is a secret patch of woodland wonder. We have never seen another person on the trail. Trails are narrow, and you must be careful to watch for tiny critters, especially our native Banana Slug!

These stamps are 3" x 4", so bring a large log book!

To reach the trailhead:

Drive east on Powell Blvd. to Highland (aka 182nd). Turn Right. Watch on the right side for Nancy Drive. Do not be fooled by Nancy Ct., on the left--it's too soon. Turn Right on Nancy Dr. Follow Nancy as it meanders up hill, all the way to the end, and park. Follow the trailhead to the right of the dead end.

At the first fork, go left. After a while, there will be a faint loop trail to the left, lined by a fallen log. Take this trail a few steps until another log crosses your path. To the left, find the small log behind the main, large log. Edward is behind and under. Return to the main trail.

At the next two Forks (ha, I couldn't resist), go right, then left. To the right of the trail, find a large, four-trunked tree. Bella is in the middle, under a chunk of wood and some loam. Please re-hide her well, so she's not visible from the trail.

At the next fork, go left. Find the fallen log that was cut to accommodate the trail. To the left, another log abuts the cut log. Jacob is behind and under.