W.R.  LbNA # 53764

OwnerGooble Gobble    
Placed DateMay 31 2010
LocationSt. Paul, MN
Found By ASL Girl
Last Found Aug 7 2010
Hike Distance?

There is a tree in a park in St. Paul that is absolutely HUGE, and you must go and see it. To find this tree go to ______ ____ ________ ____ and park by the locked gate. Go down the small hill and follow the trail until you see the tree on your right hand side. You'll know the right tree when you see it, trust me. If you have any doubts just look for the bracket fungus and you'll be o.k. Which park you ask? read on:

1. The first name of four in a legendary folk group.
2. A place where C.S.A. comes from
3. A term used to describe a large area
4. Install oneself

Once you're at the tree look directly behind it for two small trees growing close together. The rabbit is hiding behind the left tree UNDER dirt and forest debris. I do mean UNDER so get ready to get your hands dirty and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE re-hide this one EXACTLY how you found it. That means excavating any dirt that fell into the hole before replacing the box and covering it back up completely. It should be a couple inches UNDER the dirt with a lot of forest debris on top. Thank you for maintaining the integrity of the hide and be careful, this is a VERY popular place. STEALTH is a MUST!!!


P.S. This box made it's first appearance at the winter gathering in Blaine this year. If you couldn't figure out the puzzle at the library here's your second chance.