Decked out bird  LbNA # 53809

Placed DateJun 1 2010
LocationWisdom, MT
Found By4 Paws
Last UpdateSep 11 2012

We were on our way to Dillon, boxing of course, when we came by this open field with white cones lining it. There were a couple picnic tables & an outhouse... oh and a weather vane. After passing it, I wondered allowed what in the world it must be. My husband- who grew up farming/ranching- gave me a bizarre look and said, "are you serious?"

Of course I was serious! So he told me it was the airport. I couldn't believe it, and on the return trip we hid a box of our own. We do go out prepared!

So, find the little airport south of Wisdom, you should be heading towards Jackson. Start at the outhouse, but beware-- There is a skunk calling the underneath it's home!!! At the SW corner of the outhouse find 280 degrees. Walk in this direction for about 28 steps. It will be by a rock and some red brick. A piece on concrete is there as well.