Circus Flora 2010 INGENIOSO  LbNA # 53855 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerADEE Hunters    
Placed DateJun 3 2010
CountySt. Louis city
LocationSt. Louis City, MO
Found By I dig toasters
Last Found Jun 12 2010
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Circus Flora 2010 INGENIOSO

Circus Flora 2010 INGENIOSO!
June 3-27, 2010

Dream the impossible dream at Circus Flora’s 24th Season, INGENIOSO! With sizzling Spanish flair, St. Louis’ beloved one-ring, European-style circus, presents an all-new show inspired by the impossible dream of Don Quixote.

2010 marks the ninth year Circus Flora has called Grand Center home. The perfect complement to the other live theater, musical and performing arts venues in the district, Circus Flora continues to flourish as one of St. Louis’ truly distinctive attractions. With a permanent home in Grand Center, Circus Flora can be found performing there every June - adjacent to Powell Symphony Hall at Grand Boulevard and Samuel Shepard Drive.
Circus Flora is a Theater Company, specializing in one-ring circus production. The world class company of Circus Flora becomes a family, preserving classical circus traditions, particularly of Europe, while incorporating innovative techniques and original new artists. Each production of Circus Flora presents not only a theme, but a story, serving as a framework in which their ensemble company can celebrate life - a life in which humans and animals are closely united in one physical and symbolic sawdust ring.
With a sizzling Spanish flair and a variety of classic circus acts including galloping conquistadors, hilarious farmyard animals, classic equestrian ballet, breathtaking aerial acts and an awe-inspiring low-wire walker, the world-renowned Circus Flora ensemble brings this memorable tale of misadventure to life. The story of Don Quixote lends itself perfectly to the circus arts, where before our eyes, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary, and heroes emerge as gentle, triumphant clowns persuading others to see the glory of the world as they do.

While Flora’s story begins as the circus ring becomes the fields of LaMancha, your
mystery begins outside of her tent! You will first need to find the big blue arrow near the entrance to Circus Flora. You will want to head about 40 paces EAST (every time you step with your right foot, count 1 pace). To your left you might steal a glance at the famous Nino or the St. Louis Arches or the Flying Pages. Although tempting, remember to keep focused on the task at hand. You must next find the corner where Samuel & Theresa meet every night to see the show. It is here, across from Flora, you’ll find a white cornerstone at the base of a bush. Tucked beside it, under the ivy, is the box you seek. (same directions as last year—It was a good spot!—But new handcarved stamp!)

Be sure to take the time to see the show. Tickets are available by visiting It is not necessary to see the show to find the box (it is located outside of the gates) But I’m certain that they would invite you to come back to join Circus Flora’s Ingenioso as they follow the noble, often haphazard quest of Don Quixote to right the wrongs of the world - or at least the wrongs of the world within riding distance.
Please be sure to rehide this well and be discreet while retrieving and rehiding the box.
This box is here for just a limited time and will only be available until mid July, 2010.