A Giant's Step  LbNA # 53874

OwnerDrmweaver / Bookworm    
Placed DateMay 17 2010
LocationBrunswick, ME
Found By angel treads
Last Found Nov 13 2010
Hike Distance?

As you head down to Land's end take a left turn onto Washinton avenue to see the giant steps. You will see a sign that says you can park in the church yard as along as it isn't a Sunday. Walk along the oceanside path keeping an eye out for the monument that marks the dedication of the steps to the town. Take a minute to take in the view and see how it really looks like a set of steps going down into the ocean. Turn to your right and start walking. Notice the carvings on the stones, now that is a difficult way to leave your mark! As you pass a wild rose bush follow the "wall" of stone when you reach the end there will be a large flat white rock with a white bolder behind it. Under the front of this rock you will find the box. There had been another box planted here that is how I discovered this spot. I had been coming out to Land's end for years and never learned about it before. Unfortunately the day I planted this box I couldn't find the other one. Hope you enjoy the hunt!