Adria's Honor  LbNA # 53875

OwnerGrateful Dad    
Placed DateJun 5 2010
LocationGolden, CO
Found By The Woodshed
Last Found Mar 14 2015
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was placed in honor of the person who 1st taught my sons & I about letterboxing. It is located near Buffalo Bill's grave along Lookout Mountain Rd above Golden, CO. This location was chosen due to the fact that our favorite stamp collected has been that of Buffalo Bill Cody located nearby as well. To find Adria's Honor go to Buffalo Bill's gravesite. On the south side of the grave are steps leading downward. Follow the steps down & turn right & follow the dirt path leading downward. At the beginning of the path there is a pine tree on the left. From this tree take 20 steps down the trail where there will be a bush on the left. South of the bush there is a pine tree surrounded by large rocks. About 4-5 feet south of this tree is another pine about the same size. In between these 2 trees is a large rock. On the southeast side of this rock are a number of smaller rocks wedged into the large rock, hiding Adria's Honor. Good Luck! Be careful & sneaky. There are a lot of people nearby. Bring a snack & appear to be taking a break & enjoying the view. There are 2 deer nearby as I write this.