Seuss on the Mountain  LbNA # 53891

Placed DateJun 7 2010
CountyLynchburg city
LocationLynchburg, VA
Found By Tenderfoot LBNA
Last Found Oct 6 2012
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Strenuous
Distance: 3 miles 3-4 hours
Terrain: Steep Hills

***NOTICE*** There are some steep hills and a long hike involved. Please take your time, pack plenty of water, and a snack. Wear comfortable shoes and some insect repellent may be helpful. Don’t be dismayed this is a very rewarding hike along some nice little creeks. The stamps are black and white color book images so a fresh black inkpad will work best. We’ve added color after the ink is dry and you can do the same at the end. Careful the trailmap can be confusing.
Go up Candler’s Mountain Road, Enter Liberty Mountain Snow flex center , Keep left of circle to Monogram Road (gravel), Keep past many trail crossings and the monogram. On the way to the gazebo see Horton’s Loop Trail on the left.
Find Starry Night while here and the gazebo offers some great views of the area.
Park your car downhill from the gazebo in the large open area.
Box 1: Horton Hatches the Egg: Head down the trail, it’s a little steep but its downhill, switchback a few times until you find a huge three trunked poplar tree on the right with large rocks and moss. Look up behind tree under rock.
Box 2: Green Eggs and Ham: Keep down the trail with the creek to your right. Look for the world’s second largest poplar with a large hollow, the trail curves to miss it and it has a smaller tree growing out of the trunk. Uphill 6 feet at the base of a maple under rocks, breakfast is served.
Box 3: Red Fish Blue Fish: Keep down the trail until you get to a foot bridge. Looking just downstream on the left under a SPOR the fish hide.
Box 4: Fox in Socks: Cross the second foot bridge head uphill either way. Eventually this trail will parallel Valley View Road. Keep on to the intersection with Playground Trail. Look under SPOR at the base of the 2 trunked tree.
Box 5: Cat in the Hat: Horton’s loop goes right then crosses Valley View Road. Head on down the trail (the sign at the road only mentions playground) go past the next trail on the left (g010) around the curve and a switchback down rocky roadbed until you reach another trail intersection (playground & split decision.) Under a SPOR behind the tree with G019.
Box 6: Yertle the Turtle: Facing G019 go left head up the trail to the next intersection (Hortons Loop & Split Decision) there are two bridges here keep right under bending tree, just before crossing bridge look left to a 12 foot topless tree, at its base behind rocks in a mouse house .
Box 7: The Lorax: Cross the nearest bridge and head on up the trail with the clear-cut ridge to your right. The trail emerges at Five Points where there are 5 trailheads. Look under SPOR at the base of tree that may be watching.
Box 8: Horton hears a Who: Follow gravel road uphill till you see the chained gate. On the left is a sign telling you what not to do. Look at the base of this tree.
“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss