End-O-Line  LbNA # 53897

Placed DateMay 30 2010
LocationCurrie, MN
Found By Scheafferoos
Last Found Jul 2 2015
Hike Distance?

There's this park/museum place.
It looks very cool! Has some train cars, RR yard, playground, sm. frontier town, even has guided tours.
The big red building intrigued me.
It is right next door to the Visitors Center.
I couldn't see inside but I think it might be full of some neat old things.
As I passed by the red building, going towards a church, I saw some buffalo in a field off to my right. There was a mama and her baby, maybe they will be there during your visit.
The church is among a line of buildings linked together by a nice wooden porch/sidewalk with a nice wooden ramp right up in front of the church.
The time of year I was there they had 2 hanging flower pots on the railing full of blooming flowers on either side of the ramp.
As I went up the ramp I went to the right and turned around to take in that view of the park, as I was standing there I dropped a little box i had been holding. It landed right under the wooden sidewalk in the corner where the ramp meets the sidewalk.
I didnt have a stick to poke around in there for critters so I just left it. But maybe you could look and see if its still there when you are visiting the park. Feel free to look inside and check things out, then let me know how its holding up. Make sure you stick it back under there and push it just far enough in that it wont be seen by anyone else.
Some day im going to go back to this park when it is open, maybe even take a guided tour.