view the view  LbNA # 53904

Placed DateJun 6 2010
Locationcorbett, OR
Planted By
Found By Maiden1974
Last Found Nov 7 2010
Hike Distance?


Kid friendly
drive by.
Drive and stop, drive and stop, drive and stop to find them all.

#1 Take the old Columbia River Hwy.(heading East) and stop off at the Portland Womans Forum viewpoint. Enjoy the view. Find the service road which is gated. Follow it down to the first switchback. Look for the last tree on the left before the field. In the back side you will find what you search for.

#2 drive to the vista house and take a tour (the architecture is awesome). Continue on. Down the hill watch for mile marker 25 (if you blink you may miss it). Do a u-turn and park in the small pull over area. Two trees close to the road. One, has a second tree growing from it. That’s the one you want. On the back side is a root with a hole. Under the moss in the hole is what you are looking for. With summer traffic it may be easier to stamp in your car.

#3 MISSING. NOT A GOOD SPOT AND WILL NOT BE REPLACED.Now walk down to the 25mile marker. The tree directly on the other side is what you need. On the back side, under bark chips you can find #3. Also best to stamp in car and then replace due to lots of summer traffic.
Now go get back in your car and continue on.

#4 MISSING. Soon you will see a road to the left take it. (NE Larourell RD). Turn right at a big brown building seen on the right side of the road. Continue straight and park on the road next to the park. Take the trail that starts at the grave marker. Go straight, and up the hill. At the top of some stairs go left. At a switch-back look for a mostly buried log. Under the log and under a rock is a micro box.
Hide well and go back to your car.
Head back to the old hwy. continue East.

#5 Ahead a bridge will come into view. Do not cross it. Do a u-turn and park on the North side of the road by a large rock. Find the clump of trees to the right and go down behind them. Under a rock with moss you will find what you seek. Due to people/car traffic it may be more discrete to do in the car.

Please cover up well before you leave.