Snow Falls Snowflake  LbNA # 5395

Ownerbird lovers    
Placed DateAug 26 2003
LocationWest Paris, ME
Found By Vip Adventurers
Last Found Mar 21 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 5 2015

The Snow Falls Gorge is a very scenic roadside rest area. The gorge is 100 yards long and 10 yards deep. It features attractive bedrock, good views and several cascades. There are covered picnic tables, charcoal grills, drinking water and restroom facilities (outhouses). Be sure to bring your own garbage bags, as there are no trash cans.

From South Paris, ME, take route 26 North towards West Paris. It's approximately 6 miles to the Snow Falls Rest Area, which will be on your left.

Park anywhere in the lot, and descend the stairs by the water pump. Turn left and follow the trail past the picnic tables, toward the outhouse, going all the way to the end of the fence.

You'll be standing in front of a pile of boulders. On your left are twin white birch trees. The one on the right has a carving on it that says "GL loves KW '97".

Just beyond the twin trees are some boulders. The one in the middle is rectangular, and is standing on end. The box is hidden under this boulder, and the entrance is covered with pine needles and leaves.

WEAR GLOVES before sticking your hand in between the rocks!

After exchanging stamps, be sure to cross the bridge and explore this lovely area.