Apple Orchard Falls  LbNA # 53975

OwnerTrail Tracy    
Placed DateMay 31 2010
LocationBuchanan, VA
Found By hanksfolks
Last Found Aug 21 2010
Hike Distance?

Are you looking for a great hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway where you can find a letterbox and see a 150-foot waterfall? If so, you will love this hike! Apple Orchard Falls Trail drops nearly 2,000 feet as it passes by the 150-foot falls and goes through a wonderfully isolated mountain valley.

Total Distance: 2.8 miles out-and-back
Difficulty: Moderate

1. Take the Blue Ridge Parkway to milepost 78.4, Sunset Field Overlook. Park at this overlook and begin heading down the Apple Orchard Falls Trail (located directly behind the parking lot).
2. You will come to an Appalachian Trail sign that indicates the crossing for Cornelius Creek Trail. Do not take this trail, stay straight on Apple Orchard Falls Trail.
3. After a while, you will see and hear the creek on your left.
4. You will come to another sign and the intersection of Apple Orchard Falls Road. Continue straight on Apple Orchard Falls Trail. You have 0.5 miles to the falls.
5. You will cross the creek.
6. You will come to a large rock shelf on your right. A huge rock formation is just behind it. People often use this huge formation for free rock climbing. You will see a large tree with a blue blaze braced up against the rock formation. Our box is nestled in the bottom center of this blue blazed tree. We piled a bunch of rocks on top of our letterbox to protect it from the elements. Use a stick to remove the leaves that are on top of the rocks.
7. After you stamp, continue on the trail to the 150-foot falls.