Ramblin' Trail  LbNA # 53977

Placed DateJun 10 2010
LocationRidgedale, MO
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This is our very first letterbox. I just introduced my great-neice to the joy of letterboxing. I have just learned it this spring through Girl Scouts.
This letterbox is located in the Big Cedar Lodge area in Ridgedale, off of Hwy. 86.
Follow Highway 65 south to Mo86. Turn right and just a short drive you will see a sign for Cedar on the right. Turn right and follow the winding road until you get down to Big Cedar. Look for registration area and go through the parking area to Estate Road. Turn left and you will see the drive to the stables. Park on the small strip of parking spaces and walk a few feet to the east (toward the stables), looking for the nature trail. NOTE: This is an unpaved hiking trail, so closed-toed shoes are strongly advised!
Walk approximately 55-60 paces from the nature trail sign and stop. You will notice an unusual tree with branches growing from top to bottom. This was the inspiration for our letterbox stamp.
Continue on another 60 steps and you will come to some crumbling rock stairs. You are now a bit closer and really close to another letterbox hidden in the area, but it is not ours. Continue on and you will cross more rock stairs, cross over a giant flat rock. Be careful during snake season crossing some of the rock formations, checking underneath to make sure no snakes are hiding underneath.
Continue on and, if you are there in spring or early summer, you will pass through a field of Queen Anne’s Lace and other wildflowers.
You will soon come upon a small bench to your left. Stop and notice the trees in a “V” shape in a mirror image of each other across from the bench. You are now very close!
As the trail makes an almost 90 degree turn to the right, step over the logs that are straight ahead of you that would block you from going straight. Look at the tree on your left and you will see the pile of rocks we have left. Look under the large flat rock and your journey is now over!!! Enjoy!