Texas Rangers  LbNA # 53999

OwnerHound Dawgs    
Placed DateJun 12 2010
LocationDumas, TX
Found By Walksfar
Last Found Apr 6 2015
Hike Distance?

This second box is placed in honor of my grandfather, Horace Myrick, who was a Texas Ranger.

The Texas Rangers are the oldest law enforcement organization on the North American continent with statewide jurisdiction. Texas Ranger lore dates the first rangers to 1823, when Stephen F. Austin employed ten men to protect newly settled families who arrived in Texas following the Mexican War of Independence. The Rangers' duties are not curbed by city or county boundaries, but include the whole state. Generally, the Ranger is called in where a case is considered too great a task for a local agency. Ranger motto & creed are: “One riot; one Ranger” and "No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that's in the right and keeps on a-comin."


Find your way to Dumas where there resides
Ding Dong Daddies and Dollies & lots of Texas pride

There is place that gives a “Window” to Panhandle history,
But arrive after 5:00 or on Sunday, you won’t solve the mystery.

There’s no cost to come in and take a look,
The only fee they request is you sign the guest book.

Step into the past, wander back through the years,
Peek into the lives of Texas pioneers.

The farming, art & wildlife displays are great,
But it’s the ranching exhibit you should locate.

My grandpa’s saddle is where you should go
He was a Texas Ranger, don’t ya know?
Its dark brown with a yellowed, rimless seat.
Rawhide horn & stirrups…..its pretty unique

The saddle bag next to it holds what you seek
Retrieve your prize, but be discrete.

After you’re done, take a good look around
Leave the facility a donation if you like what you found.