Herman Munster in Mississippi  LbNA # 5401 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTalisheek Crew    
Placed DateAug 23 2003
LocationLumberton, MS
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Hike Distance?

Not too long ago the Munster went on a picnic at Little Black Creek Water Park. Before they left, Eddie noticed Wolf Wolf was missing. Herman went to look for him. From the bathhouse near primitive camping, Herman went to the north north east until he saw a trail sign for a beaver pond. Herman followed the trail a fair distance until he came the junction of a few trails. When Herman saw the A, B and Beaver signs, he went down the trail leading to a restricted area. Herman went to the restricted area sign, got scared and ran off at 50 degrees. He is hidding in a hollowed tree. See if you can help find him so the rest of the Munster Family can relax.

Please note: As always watch for creatures before sticking your hand in a tree. You will not need to enter the restricted area.

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